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STOMP: Sustainable Tools for Online Music Practices

The STOMP project - Sustainable Tools for Online Music Practices – A Practical Guide for Musicians, is dedicated to sustainable digital issues applied to the music sector.

This project by The Green Room aims to assess the needs of musicians in this area, and to help them reduce their digital environmental footprint by proposing an inventory of knowledge, practices and initiatives.

STOMP will provide an overview of the different strategies and concrete sustainable tools to address the current blind spot of digital use in the music sector.

STOMP survey for musicians:
In order to establish an inventory of current digital practices as well as a need assessment in terms of more responsible tools and uses, The Green Room is launching a survey among musicians.

Please answer our questionnaire (allow 15-20 minutes) via the link below, and/or distribute it to your friends:

The results will be shared and will be used to draw up this inventory, feeding into the production of the STOMP guide, which is due to be published at the end of 2023.

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